Drinking alcohol is the best.


A nice drink

All the best events involving drinking; parties, gigs, night-clubs, going to the park or the beach of a summers day.  Conversely all the lamest ones involve specifically not drinking; Monday morning at work, the library, appearing in court.  Plus, you can always introduce drinking to a situation and most people will appreciate it most of the time. Unlike, say, sniffing glue, the worst reaction you’d get showing up to a friend’s two-year-old’s birthday party with a dozen is maybe a passive-aggressive indication you should stay on the back lawn. More than likely, unlike sniffing glue, other people will appreciate the gesture as they were probably thinking the same thing you were. You sir or madam, are an innovator.

Drinking is relatively cheap. I mean, you can make drinking expensive sure.  You can drink in fancy cocktail bars, brew pubs or on ocean liners.  You can crash a 500sl Mercedes while hammered or set fire to a major public building.  Drinking can have have costly consequences.  You can make up silly rules for yourself about only drinking wheat beers or vodka’s from a very specific region of Latvia which rule out cheaper more accessible alternatives.  However, if you want to get drunk you can do it for ten dollars and if you compare that outlay to other things that are fun to do, that is pretty cheap.

Being drunk is the best way to enjoy the company of your friends, interact with strangers, enjoy a trip anywhere, or attempt to have sex. Being drunk makes boring people interesting, intolerable people tolerable and brings out the good times when you are with people who are fun.  There are few things I like more than shooting the shit with my friends over a few beers or creme de menthes.

There are negative consequences to drinking.  You might become addicted to drinking, which isn’t very good at all.  You might have one of those personalities, or be in one of those head-spaces where mixing said personality or head-space with alcohol makes you decidedly boring, anti-social, violent or depressed. No one, for instance, who has just got a big promotion or pay-rise should drink because if they do they will go on and on about the importance of their job and the significance of their pay-rise and they’ll lose most of their friends. At least for that evening. If not for life.

As far as simple pleasures go though, drinking is up there. Either with your friends, or by yourself re-watching The Wire, at a party, or at a bus-stop; drinking will make things more fun.


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