Passive aggressive signs

Passive-aggression makes me chuckle with derisive laughter, tut with sanctimony at its inherent cowardice, and shake my fist with impotent rage. All simultaneously. It looks quite strange.  If I happen to belch or have the hiccups when all this is going on it is a veritable carnival of bodily releases.


They used the word ‘receptacle’. The writer therefore seethed long enough to find a thesaurus.

The best sort of being passive-aggressive is the passive-aggressive sign. Basically, it is the form of which that involves the most effort, and therefore most pent up aggression, and the least confrontation.  Therefore, the arsey sign is the most passive-aggressive thing.

Muttering under your breath might be the most instantaneous reaction but even if you are asked “what?” and you say “nothing…” you are sort of, almost, being confrontational.  A sign allows you to mutter from afar and seethe from a distance.

Here’s my favourite, from just up the street.  It is from the hallowed “This is not a…/I’m not your…” School of Passive-Aggressive Signs.  Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Passive aggressive signs

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